Keeping Your Leather Furniture Looking As New As When You Bought It

If you want to purchase leather furniture for your home or business, you likely are excited about the prospect of having pieces that exude class and provide comfort. To keep your furniture looking its absolute best, some protective actions are required. Here are steps to take to keep your furniture in the best condition.

Avoid Certain Situations

It is best to avoid eating or drinking anywhere near your leather furniture. If someone spills food or a drink on a couch or chair, there is a potential for staining to occur. Avoid this scenario by keeping food and drinks in another area. If you have small children or pets in your home or that visit your business, keep them in another room away from the furniture as well. Alternately, keep thick coverings on hand to drape over pieces if you expect them in the room. To keep your leather furniture from becoming dry and cracked, always position it in a spot in the room where direct sunlight is not expected.

Inspect Pieces Often

If a leather furnishing piece obtains a rip or tear, it needs immediate repair so the area does not deteriorate further. Leather furniture repair kits are available for purchase from a home goods or furniture store. Read the instructions and follow them exactly for the best results. If you notice a flaw in a piece relatively quickly after it was purchased, alert the furniture store to see if the piece can be returned or replaced. Many furniture stores provide warranties for higher-end products.

Use A Leather Conditioner

Leather requires conditioning when it feels dry to the touch. Adding a conditioning agent replenishes the moisture of the hyde the piece was made from. When you first bring home leather furniture, it will be supple. This feeling deteriorates with regular use and exposure to the environment. Ask the furniture store you acquired your piece from what brand conditioner they recommend and use it according to the packaging instructions.

Remove Debris Regularly

In addition to conditioning your leather furniture, it requires routine cleaning to remove debris from its surfaces. Use a clean, white towel to remove debris. This allows you to see what is being removed, indicating whether you need to moisten the towel for a deeper clean. To remove debris pushed into crevices, use a vacuum cleaner attachment with a soft-bristled brush end. Hold this slightly away from the furniture so it does not scratch the leather as you remove debris.

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