Sitting Pretty: How To Use Hickory Furniture Chairs To Decorate Your Home

If you are looking for an easy way to add natural beauty to your home, hickory furniture is up to the task. Crafted with beautiful wood and upholstered in a variety of fabrics, this type of furniture could be a good fit for any home and will look good with any decorating style. From the entryway to the bedroom, adding hickory furniture to your existing furnishings may be just what you need to give your living space a fresh look.

Hickory furniture in the entryway

Your entryway or foyer should be designed to make guests who enter your home feel welcome. Adding a settee or banquette style chair to your entryway makes it easy to create an eye-catching focal point. Choose a chair to match your style, such as a farm wing settee if your decorating style is country or modern farmhouse or a banquette type chair upholstered in a nautical print fabric for a coastal home entryway.

Hickory furniture in the dining room

Use an upholstered long hickory bench to decorate a dining room. The bench can be used in place of chairs to give your dining room a refreshing update if desired or placed along a wall to provide additional seating when needed for entertaining. Choose a bench upholstered in a neutral fabric and use colorful floral or other designed pillows to add a touch of welcoming charm to your dining room.

Hickory furniture in the bedroom

Looking for something beyond the traditional furniture for the bedroom? Corner chairs are a great fit for a bedroom and will add interest to the room. Corner chairs will not take up much room but will give your bedroom a cozy feel and are fun to accent with decorative throws and faux flowers and are useful if you wish to create a grouping with other items to match your bedroom theme.

Hickory furniture in the home office

One piece of beautiful furniture can make a drastic difference in the home office. Simply choose an upholstered fabric you love for an accent chair and watch your office take on a cozy and comfortable look. Hickory furniture accent chairs are perfect for creating a small reading corner in your home office for those times you need a break from your workday.

The best thing about hickory furniture is not just its durability but also its versatility. A great fit with other furniture, hickory furniture is a fun way to add a little charm to a furniture grouping. Hickory furniture can also be used alone to create a fun focal point or add beauty to any corner of your home.

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