Wall Décor Basics: Practical And Easy Guidelines For Decorating The Walls In Your Home

It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed when choosing décor for the walls of your home. You want your walls to look great but even the most beautiful art or wall décor will look out of place if it does not reflect the people who live there. Following a few guidelines will help you select home wall décor pieces that best suit you and reflect the unique personalities of you and your family.

Determine the mood you wish to create

The great thing about wall décor is the fact that you can use it to create mood in any room. Ask yourself what emotions you want to evoke in each specific room. For instance, maybe you want your home office to exude energy and positivity. For a bedroom, you may wish to create a sanctuary feeling that oozes peace and serenity.

This can be accomplished by choosing artwork or wall décor that includes favorite quotes, inspirational slogans, or nature-inspired art pieces. Using wooden word art is a great way to highlight one word that inspires you in the home office. For the bedroom, a painting of a beach or other outdoor scene can make you feel relaxed and peaceful.

Choose a starting piece

When creating a wall grouping with multiple pieces, always choose one piece to plan your wall around. This makes it easy to choose accent pieces. Once you have your starting piece on the wall, you can arrange other pieces that will help highlight and enhance your starting piece.

If your starting piece is a favorite portrait or piece of artwork, you may want to choose matching candle sconces to place on each side of the artwork to add ambiance to the scene. Add a decorative shelf above or below the piece to display small accent pieces that complement the picture.

Follow your heart

The most important thing to consider when decorating your walls is to follow your heart. Only use pieces that you love, and you will never have boring or uninspiring walls in your home. Let children choose their own wall décor for their bedrooms, even if it is mismatched.

A well-decorated home is more about you and your family than having a home décor that is perfectly matched or arranged. When choosing décor, you should only use pieces that have meaning to you or that bring your joy. When your home décor reflects the people who live there, it will be a place where memories and made and guests always feel welcome.

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