Do's and Don'ts for Including a Sectional in Your Media Room

The seating for your home theater or media room is a big part of how comfortable and practical it is — and how much it gets used. Should you add a sectional to your seating plan? This versatile and comfy seating option could be the perfect addition, but you'll have to avoid some pitfalls as well. To help you do just that, here are a few key do's and don'ts for your home theater sectional furniture. 

Do Make It Cozy

Home theaters and media rooms have two sometimes-competing goals: achieving the right look and being comfortable for regular use. However, comfort should generally take precedence over looks in the media room. So be sure you choose a good quality, very comfortable couch. Save the slimline, stiff, or formal sectional designs for other rooms. 

Don't Fill Up the Room

In general, avoid making the sectional the only seating option in the media room. This reduces flexibility and limits the size and makeup of groups who can enjoy the home theater. It can also make the room harder to navigate. Ideally, the sectional should be one of several seating options available to guests or that can be arranged by the host. This often includes individual seats, bean bags, floor seating, and even a table or two. 

Do Include Amenities

Media-friendly sectionals have come a long way. Today's homeowners can find a wide array of amenities built right into the furniture that make their and their guests' experiences even better. This includes built-in recliners, food and drink holders, coolers, charging ports, massaging technology, speakers, and more. Opt for one or more of these little perks in your sectional based on what you enjoy most while watching movies. 

Don't Forget Viewing Ease

Selecting a sectional, as well as all other seating, for the media room must be based on providing the best viewing experience. Not all sectionals will provide this, though. An overly large sectional might fill up the space and provide plenty of seating, but how are the viewing angles around its edges? It may work better to use a smaller or differently-shaped sectional to gain a better experience for all. 

Do Keep It Flexible

While most people picture sectional couches as one single unit, they can be quite flexible. You can choose styles that can be rearranged fairly easily, including additional interior armless segments and segments that double as ottomans. The more flexibility in your seating, the more you can tailor it for each movie-watching group — especially if there aren't a lot of other seating options. 

Where to Start

Want more tips for choosing the right sectional for your home theater setup? Start by viewing the inventory at a furniture provider in your area today. 

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