Consider These Types Of Rattan Furniture For Your Patio

A new set of patio furniture can dramatically change the look of this outdoor space, providing style and comfort for your family and guests alike. If you're thinking about buying a new set to replace the furniture that currently occupies your patio, a visit to a retailer that specializes in outdoor furniture will give you a wide range of options. As you evaluate the different sets, which usually include a selection of chairs and at least one table, you'll often come across rattan patio furniture. Rattan is a natural fiber that is a popular material in all sorts of outdoor and even indoor furniture. Here are three types of rattan patio furniture that you'll encounter.

Plain Rattan

A lot of the rattan patio sets that you find at your local furniture store will be made of plain rattan. This unfinished material is brown in color, although you'll find that the exact shade of brown can vary from product to product because it's a natural fiber. Many people favor the natural look of plain rattan. This style can work well on all sorts of patios because it provides a visual contrast to the patio itself. For example, a gray patio with brownish furniture can be a look that works well.

Colored Rattan

You can also expect to see a number of patio sets that are made of colored rattan. In these pieces of furniture, the rattan is painted to give it a vibrant look. Whereas all plain rattan furniture sets are a shade of brown, you'll find colored rattan sets in a wide range of colors. If you like the idea of adding a splash of color to your outdoor living space, you may wish to choose rattan furniture in a bright hue such as red, blue, or yellow.

Synthetic Rattan

While the above two furniture set options feature natural rattan, you'll often come across sets that use synthetic rattan. This plastic-like product is designed to mimic the look of natural rattan. There are various advantages to choosing this synthetic product. For example, it may last longer in wet environments, while it can also feel smoother on your skin than its natural counterpart. Synthetic rattan furniture is available in several different colors. You might favor a shade of brown if you want the furniture to look natural, while a colorful option can also work well if you want something bright.

Learn more about rattan furniture at a patio furniture supplier. 

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