Three Places To Use A Backless Couch

When you visit a furniture store and browse the section in which couches are on display, one design that you'll often come across is a backless couch. While this piece of furniture obviously isn't as popular as a conventional couch that has a back, it can still be an asset in your home. You'll likely find backless couches in a few different designs, which will allow you to choose a product that will suit wherever you plan to place it. Here are three locations in your home in which this type of living room furniture can work well.

Against A Window

Some people are concerned about placing various pieces of furniture in front of windows because they don't want to block too much natural light. When you value natural light, you don't want to do anything to obstruct its flow into your home. If you want something to sit on against a window in your living room or elsewhere in your home, a backless couch will be a good option. It shouldn't block any of the windows, but can still provide a comfortable place for someone to sit in an area in which you might not want a full-sized, conventional couch.

At The Foot Of A Bed

Another good place to position a backless couch is at the foot of the bed in your primary bedroom. Provided that you have enough floor space, a couch in this location can work well. For example, you can use it to sit down while you get dressed in the morning. A couch with a back can be bulky, as well as potentially get in the way of your ability to change the bedding. The backless design won't interfere to nearly the same degree, making it a good addition to this part of your bedroom. You can also use the backless couch to hold extra pillows at night.

In A Hallway

The design of a backless couch tends to make it narrower than a conventional couch, which can make it a good fit for places in your home in which the space is a little tight. One such location is a hallway. While it's unlikely that you could fit a conventional couch along the wall of a hallway, a narrow backless couch might work well. If you like the idea of adding this piece of furniture and a bookcase nearby, you'll have a cozy reading nook in one of your hallways. Visit a furniture store to look at its backless couch options.

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