Use A Tripod Ladder As A Functional Display Furnishing

A tripod ladder contains a self-supportive base. A group of books or some potted greens and blooms can be displayed upon a 16-foot ladder. Choosing to use a tripod ladder as a functional furnishing will allow you to take advantage of empty space that comprises the corner of a bedroom, a foyer, or another part of your residence.

A Non-Crowded Setup

Adding a bookcase or shelving along an area where two corner wall pieces meet could potentially cover up a lot of the carpeting or beautiful woodwork that you favor. A wooden or aluminum ladder will contain plenty of cutouts between each rung.

Because the base of a tripod ladder contains thin legs that flare outward, only a small amount of the floor covering that rests below a tripod ladder will be concealed. You will be able to enjoy each accent piece that you place on top of the rungs, without being unable to see the painted walls or trim work that are located behind the display piece.

An adjustable ladder that contains a height extension function will allow you to set up custom displays. For example, if you would like to display a small collection of books for one month, set up the ladder at its shortest height.

When you decide to switch up the display and add a larger group of items to the rungs, extend the ladder to its tallest height. Many aluminum and wooden ladders are designed to be portable. A lightweight ladder can be moved throughout your home, opening up the possibility of creating both indoor and outdoor displays to enjoy on a seasonal basis.

Varying Design Elements

A wooden tripod ladder that contains distressing can be used to create a rustic display. This type of ladder may be one that you already own. If you would like to add rustic characteristics to a new wooden ladder, purchase a wooden tripod ladder that contains a lot of knots and surface imperfections. Use a sanding block and hand tools to add a series of indentations throughout some parts of the wood. Wood stain or a clear varnish product can be used to accentuate the inconsistencies in the wood.

If you would like to add a shiny element to your ladder furnishing, purchase an aluminum tripod ladder. Aluminum alloys contain a very low iron content. A ladder that is constructed of aluminum can be used to create a display that is set up on your front porch or another moisture-prone area. 

For more information on a 16-foot tripod ladder, contact a company like Go Vets.

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