About French Dining Room Furniture Choices

French furniture in your home can add that touch of elegance that can be just the thing to elevate the look and feel of your home. If you are looking for dining room furniture and thinking about going with a French dining room set, then you should read this article to learn more. 

There Are Many Styles of French Dining Room Furniture

Narrowing down the dining room furniture you want by deciding to go with French furniture is just the start of your decision-making. You are still going to need to decide on the style of French furniture you want to start looking at. You also need to choose the dining set that not only looks great in the space but is also functional in the best way for your family and entertaining needs. When it comes to the style of French dining room furniture you want, you may want to begin by checking out French provincial, French royal, and Parisian French styles. 

French Provincial Dining Furniture 

French provincial furniture became very popular in the US during the mid 20th century. This type of furniture takes a French countryside style and blends it with a rococo style, which is very ornamental. The result can be an elegant-looking dining room set that still maintains a very charming and comfortable look and feel. Oak, cherry, beech, and pear are some types of wood commonly used in the making of this furniture. Popular colors include a pallet of Earth tones like warm golds, blues, greens, creams, and white. 

French Royal Dining Furniture

French royal dining furniture is inspired by the decor that was popular with the royals. Walking into a dining room decorated with French royal furniture can be a breathtaking experience. Oak, pine, and beech are popular woods used for this furniture. There are often gold embellishments and fine carving used to enhance the look of this style of furniture. 

Parisian French Dining Furniture

Parisian French furniture can come in two styles. You can go with the traditional look from centuries ago or the more modern look updated to include a warmer color palette. This furniture tends to have some features of Russian and Spanish furniture. Velvet or leather upholstery is often used for seating upholstery. The dining table and chairs can include straighter lines, or they can have intricate carvings, depending on the era you are inspired by. Light color woods are most popular with Parisian French dining sets.

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