Useful Traits of a Children’s Dresser

Many furniture stores carry a wide range of furniture for children, so you'll want to visit this retailer when you're setting up a bedroom for one of your children. There are all sorts of furniture pieces to consider, including dressers. A dresser is a necessity in every child's room. Not only will it provide space for the child's clothing, but its top surface can be a good place for toys, accessories, and other items. There are lots of different children's dressers on the market, but it's ideal to look for a piece that possesses these traits.

Easy-Sliding Drawers 

You'll want to open and close the drawers of a few dressers when you shop for your child. Ideally, you can pick a product that has drawers that slide easily. Some dresser drawers are better in this regard than others. When you're encouraging your child to be independent by choosing their clothing and getting dressed on their own, the last thing that you want is for them to struggle to get their dresser drawers opened. A product in which the drawers open and close with minimal effort will be easy for your child to use and will save you from having to do this task for them.

Large Drawer Knobs

Conventional dressers have all sorts of knobs and handles on their drawers, including some that are small and stylish. When you shop for a children's dresser, you'll generally want to find a product in which the drawer knobs are large. A child may have trouble opening a drawer if the knob is tiny. With a larger knob, it will be easier for even a small child to use both of their hands to pull. Some drawer knobs on children's dressers have a fun look — for example, you'll occasionally find knobs that are large, circular, and colorful.

Different Drawer Sizes

While there are some children's dressers in which all of the drawers are the same size, it's generally ideal to choose a piece of furniture that has drawers in a few different sizes. For example, there might be a few small drawers on the top row of the dresser with larger drawers below. Multiple drawer sizes make it easier for children to learn how to keep their clothing organized. If every drawer is large, children can fill these drawers with a large amount of clothing—and then struggle to find certain garments, likely resulting in them calling you for help. View a selection of children's dressers at a local bedroom furniture store.

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