Good Night: Mattress Options For Great Sleep

Finding the perfect mattress can be a challenge. With so many mattresses on the market, it may be difficult to decide what type would provide the most restful night's sleep. From foam to coiled options, the market is loaded with products that seek to provide the most comfortable resting environment for each individual. Read on for a look at some of the different types of mattress options and how they can benefit sleepers. 


All-foam mattresses are becoming an ever-increasingly popular type of mattress that is loved by consumers. Soft to the touch, foam is celebrated for its ability to conform to the body rather than being pushed down by it. Evenly distributing body weight, foam also inhibits motion transfer in the case there is more than one person on the bed. If a spouse needs to take a late-night trip to the bathroom, for example, their spouse will not feel any type of movement, allowing them to stay fast asleep. This type of mattress is especially helpful for those suffering from joint or back discomfort and would be a great choice for those who suffer from chronic pain. 

Innerspring and Pocketed Coil

For those looking for a more traditional option, an innerspring or pocket coil option would be ideal. Innersprings offer a firm and supportive coil system that is perfect for anyone who prefers a firmer bed. Because of its construction, innersprings are also more breathable than foam mattresses and provide a cooler sleeping surface. Pocketed coils, on the other hand, are very similar to innersprings but are not constructed of a single unit of coils. Rather, pocketed coils are individually spread throughout the mattress, allowing for a more even distribution of weight and support. For those who wish to have the motion transfer that a foam mattress would provide but would prefer a more traditional option, this would be a great alternative. 


A hybrid mattress combines both foam and pocketed coil elements to form a mattress that is ideal for any type of sleeper. Using a pocketed coil base, hybrid mattresses offer a firm foundation for sleepers. A layer of foam as a topper will ensure that sleepers have restricted motion transfer and a soft, supportive material to lay down on. Hybrids come in a variety of firmness options, perfect for those who are searching for a mattress that is perfectly suited for their sleep needs. This type of mattress is a great choice for those who may be unsure of what type of construction to go with and would like the benefits that both foam and spring options offer. To learn more, contact a mattress service.

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