Why It Makes Sense To Buy A U-Shaped Sectional

Among the things that you'll need to evaluate when you visit a local furniture store to shop for a new sectional is the shape of this piece of furniture. You'll notice that sectionals can appear in a few different shapes. L-shaped models are perhaps the most common, and you'll even find sectionals with a curvy shape that makes them reminiscent of the letter C. There is a good chance that you'll also come across those that are U-shaped, and this can be a shape that works well in many peoples' homes. Here are some reasons that it makes sense to buy a U-shaped sectional sofa.

Two Chaise Sections 

It is common for L-shaped sectionals to feature a built-in chaise section at one end. This feature will allow you to sit with your legs stretched out in front of you, rather than hanging off the front edge of the piece of furniture. You will likely enjoy sitting on the chaise end of the sectional when you are watching TV or reading. While an L-shaped sectional has just one chaise section, a U-shaped model will have one of these sections at each end. It is handy to have two built-in chaise features in your sectional, given the comfort and desirability of this part of the couch.

More Space For Sitting

In most cases, you'll find that a U-shaped sectional will accommodate more people than a sectional with an L-shape. There's a good chance that you are shopping for this type of furniture because of its large seating capacity, which is arguably its biggest advantage. If you have a large family or you frequently have people over to your home, being able to have plenty of seating options will likely be one of your top goals. With a U-shaped sectional, you'll have lots of space for people. 

Visual Balance 

Some people may favor a U-shaped sectional because of its symmetrical look. This is a shape that can create visual balance in the room, whereas a sectional with an L-shape may not create this feel. With a U-shaped sectional, you may have to use additional pieces of furniture to balance out the room to give it the look and feel that you want, which is something that could be a challenge in a relatively small space. Visit your local furniture retailer to look at its selection of sectionals, including those that have a U-shape. 

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