6 Different Types Of Dining Room Tables

If you need a new table for your dining room, it helps to have an idea of what type of table you want for the space. There are various styles that you choose from, each with its own benefits.

Type #1: Single Pedestal

A single pedestal table is designed to sit on a single leg located in the table's middle. That single leg usually is situated on a very sturdy base. Single pedestal tables are often round, but they can be used on small square or rectangular-shaped tables as well. This type of table works well in a smaller space. With this type of set-up, you can easily push your chairs all the way in, but people with longer legs may not enjoy running up against the leg in the middle when seated.

Type #2: Double Pedestal

Double-pedestal tables tend to be larger square or rectangular-shaped tables. With this type of table, there are two pedestal bases in the middle of the table. This makes the table itself more open, as there are no legs on the outside edge of the table. This configuration is great if you need to seat larger groups for meals. This style also has a slightly more formal feeling.

Type #3: Leg 

One of the most common types of dining room tables is the leg table. With this type of table, there are four legs on the four corners of the table. These types of tables come in numerous configurations, from shorter tables for sitting four people to long tables designed to seat a family of twelve or more. They come in different material options, from wood to metal to plastic, and come in a wide range of colors.

Type #4: Expansion

An expansion table usually has a leg table base but can add additional leaves and legs to the table. This is great for the everyday meals with your smaller nuclear family, and then you can pull out the leaves when your extended family stops by for a meal. There are usually geared slides so that the leaves can be added to the structure.

Type #5: Butterfly Leaf

Butterfly leaf tables are different than expansion tables, even though they do expand. With this structure, they are designed to store the expansion leaves inside the structure itself. They are designed to fold down and go under the top of the table. They are a feat of engineering and are great if you want to be able to expand your table but don't have somewhere to put the expansion leaves when you are not using them.

Type #6: Drop Leaf

With a drop leaf table, the leaves that expand are on the side of the table and are made so that you can fold them down or drop them to the side. That way, you can use this table for another purpose, such as a sofa table, and when you need a dining room table, you just expend the leaves and use it as a dining room table. It has a pedestal leg configuration as well.

If you need new dining room furniture, you will want to think about what type of style you want before you start shopping so you can narrow in on the style you like.

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